Rwenzori Mountains

Uganda has got many mountains that have continuously attracted many people to come for safari tours to Uganda. These mountains have got unique features and these have been loved by many tourists who travel to Uganda. These mountains include; the Rwenzori Mountains is found, Mount Elgon which is found in the Eastern part of Uganda, Mountain Moroto, Mgahinga peak, and many more which have attracted more people to travel to Uganda.

Mountain Rwenzori is one of the highest mountains in Uganda and this has been visited by many tourists who always travel to Uganda, this mountain is so adventurous and many climbers have enjoyed the different levels of the mountain. This place is filled with many vegetation covers which include; woodland vegetation, moorland vegetation, and many more which are found in this place, many tourists have traveled to Uganda in order to engage in safari tours within the country especially mountain climbing.

Mountain Elgon is also found in the eastern part of the country and has got different volcanic feature types and these have greatly attracted many people to visit the mountain, hence increasing the number of safari tours to Uganda. This National park has also got other attractions which include; the Lions, monkeys, bird species, kobs, elephants, and many others. There is also Moroto Mountain which has also attracted many mountain climbers to Uganda, it is surrounded by many vegetation species which makes the location look unique, hence attracting many mountain climbing safaris to Uganda.

The Mgahinga mountain ranges are also found within Uganda and they are located in the western part of the country. This park has also got one mountain gorilla family which is found in this place. There are many people who have visited this park in order to engage in mountain climbing and also mountain gorilla trekking .this place has also got many chimpanzees, monkeys, and other bird species. Mountain Rwenzori which is found in the western part has also got glacier features which are filled with much snow, this place gives a full summary of the world.

Uganda has also got many other attractions that have continuously attracted many people to come for safari tours, these attractions include; mountain gorillas which are found in Bwindi Impenetrable national park, the chimpanzees, forests, lakes, and rivers, wildlife species in the national parks, the culture of the people of Uganda, bird species and the city tours which are loved by the fresh tourists who come to Uganda. All these have greatly attracted tourists to come for tours to Uganda.

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