Mount Everest

You have watched many movies related to Mount Everest but there is more than happen in mount Everest . We are here to share you  10 Unknown and Amazing Facts of Mount Everest.

10. Human Death Toll

Since 1969 at least one person has died on Mount Everest every year. Main Cause of the death includes suffocation, frostbite, Snow blindness, starvation and hypothermia. The Region Above 7500 Meter is Considered as Death Zone where most of peoples died from this snow diseases. Due to Low Pressure Bloood Circulation of the Body Speeds up. And fluid gather in lungs make them too near death doctors are Available only at below 5400 Meter to monitor climbers.

Nearly 200 people called Mount Everest their final resting place. Many bodies are left due to poor acerbities and bad weather. Its very dangerous to bring them down. Mount Everest claimed nearly 10% of people who try to peak. Mount Everest has about 200 dead bodies on it, which are now landmarks on the way to the top. Historically, for every 100 climbers who have made it to the summit of Mount Everest, 4 have died.

09. History of Everest

In 1802 It all began to search the Worlds Highest Mountain. In 1830 Some British reached at foothills of mount Everest. In 1847 Kanchanjanga was considered as highest peak in the world. In 1852 an Indian Mathematician Radhanth Sikdar was successful to identify world’d highest peak as Everest using his Trigonometric Calculations . In 1856 announce 8840 Meter “Peak XV” which was used for Everest , Highest Mountain in the world. In 1865 Waugh named Peak XV to Mount Everest in the name of George Everest who is surveyor General of India that time.

In 1921 George Maloory and guy Bullock attempt to climb mount Everest but after reaching 7005 meters and returned due to wrong route. in 1922 A British George finch reached 8320 Meter using oxygen cylinder first time. It was the history to climb more than 8000 meter by any person that time. In 1924 norton and Somervell Managed to reach 8550 meter without oxygen. Raymond Lambet and Tenzing norgay reached 8595 meter but it was not enough. Finally in 1953 New ZealanderEdmund Hillary and Nepali Sherpa Tenzing Norgay Successfully reached the summit at 11:30 AM on May 29, 1953. After that Its star of making Records to reach Summit.

08. Roof of the world

Due to its Height its Considered as Roof of the World. The Everest was formed around 20 millions ago which is same as million years ago.The world’s tallest man made structure of any kind is burj khalifa is stands 829 meters or 2719 feet. This man made skyscrapers is hard one to beat but Mount Everest is nearly 10 times its size 8818 meter or 29029 feet. The Mountain also grows 4 mm per year or one foot every 176 years. Nanga Parbat is Fastest growing mountain in earth at rate of 7 Millimeter per year. It is only mountain who can beat Height of Mount Everest in Next 2 Million Years.

07. Weak Cell phone signals

There is weak cell phone signal at summit of Mount Everest which allows first tweet to be send by hiker by Kenton cool in 2011. He Tweets about weak 3G signal & Samsung galaxy mobile. 2 Years later first call was place from its peak. There’s high-speed Internet on the way up to Mount Everest.

06. Warmest Temperature -20 Degree

You will be shocked to read that the Warmest temperature of Mount Everest is -20 Degree. In this condition it is very hard to stay more than 24 hours . Only Babu Sherpa have made the record to stay 16 hours at mount Everest summit. Theboiling point of water at the top of Mount Everest is 71 °C (160 °F).The wind speed at mount everest is more than 150 mph at mount Everest summit. It is very hard to climb in this weather condition . This challenges makes history for mountain climbers.

05. Only one in five make it to the top

This is another amazing fact that Only one in five reach the summit. As most of climbers try to reach the summit but there are many reason back them down without reaching summit. First reason is Low oxygen in their cylinder ; Many climber use oxygen cylinder from base camp to way of summit and if they take time to reach summit with oxygen cylinder then there is problem of low oxygen in their cylinder. If they want to survive then they have to return in mid from summit .

Second reason is Hypothermia ; Most summiters couldn’t able to reach summit because they face hypothermia condition where all part of body are shivered and became paralysis. Third Reason of not reaching the summit is Bad weather condition ; In bad weather it is very hard to stay a minute. The hikers have to stop their journey or return to base camp if weather not clear for many hours. Due to these all reasons Only one can reach to summit from five person.

04. Animal on top of the world

It is very hard to live on Mount Everest in cold condition and low but some animals made prepare themselves to live in this condition. Snow Leopard which are at extinction level lived in this cold condition although It is very hard to see them. Edmund Hilary didn’t found any Snow Leopard in his 10 months at this mountain. Snow Leopard adapted themselves for this condition due to their stocky body,Fur, wide Paws and Thick Tales.

The Another Mountain animal is Mountain Tahr which is look alike goat having small head and large eyes. They Survive here by eating grass and shrubs at lower sloped of mount Everest. Their life span is around 15 years. There is one more animal Yak who survive in this critical conditions. The Weight of Yak is around 1000 KG havig long and Thick coat to protect themselves from Cold. Due ti their large it is easy to breathe at higher points. Mostly Sherpas use yak for heavy load or Equipments to climb mountain.

03. Highest Junkyard on Earth

Many Everest hikers put garbage on their way to reach Mount Everest. Due to more than 400 climbers climbed on the mountain there around 50 Ton waste thrown by them on mount Everest making the Dirtiest Mountain in the world.Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi campaign to Clean mountain in his “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan ” . A Team of 30 People along with sherpas are assigned to bring down the garbage and they collected 4000 KG junkyard down in 30 days.

According to survey there is more than 25000 pound of garbage are left by mountain hikers per year. There is Tents, old Cylinders, Packets Tins and mountain hiking Equipment weighting around 10 KG was bring down by single one. After this cleaning they will try to bring human flesh down by the year 2017.

02. Plenty of Records

There are various records are made to reach at summit of Mount Everest.
1. Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa from Nepal Reached 21 times to Mount Everest summit.
2. Ang Rita made record of reaching 10 times to summit without supplement Oxygen .
3. Babu Sherpa from Nepal Stay longest time 21 hours at Summit in year 1999.
4. Japanese Yuichiro Miura is oldest person to reach summit till date in age of 80 in Year 2013.
5. Tamae Watanabe is oldest woman to reach summit in age of 73 in year 2012.
6. Jordan Romero 13 year child is Youngest Person to Climb Mount Everest in year 2010.
7. Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler made record of first ascent to reach Everest without Oxygen.
8. A couple Pem Dorjee and Moni Mulepati from Nepal made record of marrying at Mount Everest summit First time.
9. Tashi and Nungshi Malik are first twins to reach Mount Everest Together.
10. Arumina Sinha from India made record of First Female amputee to climbmount Everst.
11. Junko Tabei was first woman to climb mount Everest.
12. Erik Weihenmayer was First Blind person to clim Mount Everest.
Other than Many Records are made from various countries we can’t post every records. These Records making person got fame in their countries and got awarded.

01. Very Expensive Package & Long Queue at Mount Everest

The Most amazing fact you don’t know that Everest Guide cost Staring around $65000 to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Mostly Professional Mountain climbers climb on small mountains before they climb Mount Everest without guide. Non Professional climbers hike guide to climb Everest which costs them as per need. Mostly Local Nepali Sherpa are perfect for Everest guidebecause they are familiar with local climate conditions and experience of route for reaching summit. Due to this job these Sherpas also made the records to many times to reach to Everest summit. Apa Sherpa and Phurba Sherpa made the record of reaching 21 times to Everest summit. Only some US and New Zealand hikers reach multiple times to reach Everest summit.

There is long queue you can see in peak season to climb the Mount Everest. Mostly in good weather condition there are lots of climber from different countries gathered here to climb the mount Everest. It is very hard to reach the summit but if they can do then they can make history or awarded from their countries. The number of Climbers are increasing per year as in year 2013 there more than 500 climbers reach the summit of mount Everest.

After Reading this Facts Are you ready for this Heartbreaking Adventure?

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