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Simien Mountain National Park. A Trekker’s Paradise

When a friend sent us a link for a guidebook on Ethiopia’s Simien Mountain National Park, we could hardly contain our excitement. The 44-page...

Volcano Tourism and Safety Concerns

It is estimated that there are approximately 1,500 active volcanoes worldwide. With the worldwide growth of tourism, the chances of travelers being impacted by...

Close Encounters of an Elephant Kind

Thanks to Joy Adamson I have been in love with Lions since I was a child.  Seeing my first Lion in Kruger National Park...

Reasons Why Adventure Travel is Good

Adventure travel enriches our lives in so many ways, but why exactly do we return feeling so good? Adventure travel is the answer, whether...

Hit the Road: Where to Adventure Travel in 2023

Somewhere between a holiday and following in the footsteps of explorers is the road trip. It’s incredibly alluring. To have a chunk of time,...

Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda “the Land of a thousand Hills” is one of the three countries where gorilla trekking is conducted. Gorilla trekking is therefore the key...

5 Top Destinations for Gorilla Trekking

Gorillas in Africa are classified into two major species; the Eastern gorillas also known as the Gorilla Beringei and western gorillas also known as...

East to West Slow Down, Take the Train

There’s slow travel and then there’s slow travel with a view. The Sunset Limited (which sounds like it could be the title of a...

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Adventure Travel : The Most Exhilarating “Must Do” Trips

Ever since the man could walk, he traveled. At first, we traveled to escape harsh climate and find food, but as we evolved, we...

Is it Safe to Travel to the Galapagos Islands?

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most secure places in the world in terms of personal safety and health. To preserve the archipelago, the islands were...

Skiing in Africa’s Atlas Mountains – Morocco

When you have tried some of the resorts that Europe has to offer, you might want to consider those that can be found in...

Best 5 Adventure Trips for 2023

For years, adventure-travel outfitters have used so-called exploratory trips to work out kinks in new offerings. Veteran guides suss out routes, lodging options, and,...

Go Kayaking in Brazil

A little reminder on Brazil’s size: It’s the biggest country in South America, and the fifth-biggest in the world – just behind the United...

Boracay Island: Know this Before You Go

Every herd of ocean fishes rushed around me since I fed them bread. You happen to be in the center of the countless bistros...

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