Open Swim Fiji Event

Fiji’s northern island is set to have its first ever open water Ocean Swim from May 29 to 31: The Fiji Pearls Swim sponsored by J Hunter Pearls with fantastic prizes for their unique premium quality pearls.

Based in Savusavu in Fiji, there will be two marathon swims in the 5k and 10k, and a middle distance (2k) swim on the days in between.

Fiji is known for the popular annual Mana Fiji Swim Party, as has been the host for the last eight years and attracts more than 100 swimmers. Swim organizers of J Hunter Pearls swim has wisely planned their swim to be a very independent event at the other end of the calendar. With its calm clear waters and tranquil lifestyle, host city Savusavu a beautiful setting for the event. And there is the additional lure of prizes to the winners of the marathon event of Fiji’s unique gems in their shiny colors black, pistachio, champagne, chocolate and cobalt.

After swimming, it is possible for a weekend of swim safaris led by Paul Or Camp, operator of who has a longstanding commitment to Mana swim.
The course runs from Daku Resort to Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, following the shoreline of the bay. Accommodation and swim packages are being offered by Daku Resort, along with add – on packages of yoga and other activities.

Swim events schedule (10 km):
Wednesday, May 29:
08:30 From Daku to Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort and back (high tide 10.30 so swimmers will swim with the rising tide on the first leg and falling tide on the return)
Wednesday, May 30: 2 km
09:30 From Pearl Farm boat to Daku (high tide 11.30 so swimmers will swim with the rising tide)
Friday, May 31: 5 km
10.30. am Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to Daku (high tide 12.30 as swimmer will swim with the rising tide)

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