Mountain Biking in Nepal

Nepal offers many different tracks for you and your bike. They will lead you through the most spectacular scenery and landscapes. Check them out and enjoy what Nepal has to offer and you will meet some of the friendliest and warm hearted people you will ever have met.

You will get the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and will be able to really savour and appreciate the serenity that Nepal has in abundance. You also get the time to visit trails which have rarely been visited and discover traditional rural life styles that have been preserved for centuries.

Around the Kathmandu valley there are countless cycling options to choose from. You can challenge yourself on long, hilly rides or going exploring to the many temples and villages in the lower valley. You can even chose a strictly downhill tour if you are in a less energetic mood.

Can you imagine mountain biking through the world’s deepest valley and looking up to see the world’s highest mountains of the Nepalese Himalayas smiling down at you. There are many great mountain bike routes all over the world, but the Kali Gandaki Valley trails in the Mustang region of Nepal is the only trail that it surrounded by massive peaks. There are also such excellent facilities within this area that you will be able to stay in teahouses every night run by local villagers and stocked with good food and cold beer. If this sounds like the perfect holiday, then mountain biking in Nepal is the place for you.

You will get the chance to experience some pretty tough climbs, but absolute divine descents, fast, flowing, single track paths and the most spectacular views on earth.

There are a number of mountain bike tours which you can choose from when you arrive in Nepal. It is important to take time to do a bit of research first, before you commit to any one tour company. First of all, you must consider your mountain biking experience. There is no point on setting on a 10 day tour to some of the most difficult tracks, if you have never been mountain biking before. After consideration of your ability and finding a tour company which accommodates these needs as well as any other specific requirements you may have, it is essential you consider safety.

Word of mouth is always a great way of finding a good quality company to go with. Ask around to find out which tours are being recommended and why. You can also ask the companies about their safety record and the years of experience they have had in this area.

When you are satisfied that you have chosen the most appropriate tour to meet your needs, it is then time to jump on to your bike and get started. Cycling is such a great way to travel around Nepal and it is becoming increasingly popular. You can also go on tours which include a range of other activities as well, like white water rafting or trekking.

You may wish to try the Hyangla Namsari 5 day tour which begins in Kathmandu, arriving in Nagarkot 38 kilometres later for day 1. Then you will cycle to Dhulikhel after a wonderful breakfast with sunrise views over the Himalayas. You will get the opportunity to travel through some fascinating villages and past hold Buddhist sites. Next, it is onto Pauwa, 36 kilometres away including a fantastic downhill dust road and the chance to follow small tracks and rivers. Day 5 see’s you returning to Kathmandu via Lubhu Sisnerni. You will pass the ancient city of Panautie believed to be constructed in 1294 AD.

Day trips can be completed by novices to experts alike and a lovely start to see how you go. If you are planning to go on longer rides then you do need a good level of fitness and some experience of this type of cycling. If you have never ridden long distances before then it could become quite painful and difficult for you and would detract from the experience. It is important to be realistic about your own abilities and limits.

You will have highly qualified and expert riders with you to show you all the best tracks and help keep you safe. Your guide will also be a bike mechanic in case there are any problems on the way. The best time of year to go on your ride is between January to June and September through to December. Remember to bring warm clothes though in those winter months.

Whenever you visit and whatever mountain biking tour you decide to do, you will have an amazing adventure which will stay with you forever.

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