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Iconic Virunga Volcanoes

Explore Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

In the Virunga ranges of Africa; shared by Uganda Congo and Rwanda, you will find the rare mountain gorillas. In Uganda around the Bwindi...
Kibale Forest Chimpanzee

Recommended Destinations for Summer Holidays to Uganda

Are you looking for the best summer holiday destination in Africa? Well, it has been a while when you last traveled following the outbreak...
Rwenzori Mountains

Explore Uganda’s Adventurous Mountains

Uganda has got many mountains that have continuously attracted many people to come for safari tours to Uganda. These mountains have got unique features...
Ethiopia Simien Monkeys

Simien Mountain National Park. A Trekker’s Paradise

When a friend sent us a link for a guidebook on Ethiopia’s Simien Mountain National Park, we could hardly contain our excitement. The 44-page...
Rafting the Nile River

Explore Uganda, the Land of Adventure

When thinking of an adventure safari to Africa, Uganda, the Pearl of Africa should be number one on your list. The Pearl of Africa...
Rwanda Mountain Gorilla

Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda “the Land of a thousand Hills” is one of the three countries where gorilla trekking is conducted. Gorilla trekking is therefore the key...
Skiing in Atlas Mountains

Skiing in Africa’s Atlas Mountains – Morocco

When you have tried some of the resorts that Europe has to offer, you might want to consider those that can be found in...
Exploring Uganda

Explore Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

Uganda is really the pearl of Africa, This country has many exciting sites of travel for your next vacation holiday. The most exciting everyone...

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