Whale Watching in Hawaii

Island communities are some of the best places to start when you’re out to see whales. Whale watching is more popular now than ever before as more of the world’s people are older and looking for lighter activities to enjoy. It’s definitely easy; the hardest part of going whale watching is surviving the time on the boat. If you get seasick easily or suffer from motion sickness, this probably isn’t your kind of recreational activity.

However, if breathing in some salty air and getting away from the world to bask in the presence of a great beast, Hawaii would be a great location from which you could launch your trip.

Hawaii is about as beautiful a place as the United States has to offer. It’s an island community southwest of California and one of the warmest of the 50 states, kept cooler than most because there is no large land mass surrounding it and holding onto heat. You have a few different islands to choose from but they are so close to one another, access to all the same places is possible from most of the islands with little trouble. Bring clothes for warmer weather; you are not going to need any heavy coat in Hawaii. Shorts, short sleeves and sunscreen should all be in your pack.

Because it’s so often warm, any time of year is a good time to visit Hawaii. As long as there are no tropical storms brewing and threatening to barrage the islands with heavy rain and harsh wind, Hawaii is a great place to visit. Be sure to check weather reports and plan accordingly. While you are there, staying at the Hale Ho’omana on the island of Maui will put you in the lap of luxury for an affordable price, starting at less than £60 a night. If you prefer another island, Honolulu has a Royal Grove Hotel with rooms for less than £30 a night and there are lots of other hotels, too.

Hawaiian barbecue is famous all over the states and if you stop there you simply must try some. They really know how to cook a pig and you’ll be pleased as punch to dig into that stuff. Restaurants like the House Without A Key in Honolulu serve food from other parts of the world too so you can tempt your palette with all kinds of tastes. Fresh fish is a given like in most other island communities so if you are looking for sushi you won’t have to look very far. All in all, Hawaii can give you everything you could possibly want from a whale watching escape. You have got a good hotel, great food and the very real possibility to see those big animals you want to see.

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