Indoor Skiing in Dubai

Dubai, with its cosmopolitan extravaganza, has fast emerged one of the biggest tourism draws in the world today. Think of Dubai and what comes to mind is the huge desert safaris, the dune bashing expeditions, and lots of malls and flea markets that make shopping fun! What if we told you about Dubai having 22,500 square meters of skiing routes, supposedly one of the biggest indoor skiing arenas in the world?

Located in the heart of the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world, Ski Dubai is truly a snow-clad adventure with entertainment options for every age and temperament. The hall looks gross and monstrous from the outside with huge pipes and gigantic fixtures arranged rather clumsily, particularly when viewed from the rear end. But, once you enter this colossal indoor skiing show ground, you are immediately transported to a superb sense of awe and wonder. There are other skiing resorts in Dubai apart from Ski Dubai, namely the Dubai Snowdrome and others, but a trip to Ski Dubai is definitely a must, if you want to soak yourself in the splendour of the indoor skiing offered in Dubai.

Skiing at Ski Dubai

Considered to be the only ‘indoor black slope’ in the world, Ski Dubai has approximately five runs around the entire 22,500 square meters expanse comprising of adventurous slopes, tricky passes, and treacherous terrain that would fill any experienced skier with joy. If you are a beginner, you’d better stick to the easy runs, or better still, ask guides to chaperone you to the slopes.

If you’d like to learn skiing, Ski Dubai has instructors who are proficient in the sport and they could teach you for a small fee. Of course, you’ll have to spend a lot of time indoors then, and perhaps visit Ski Dubai regularly till you master the basics, which could be a pleasure since you are definitely not expected to tire of this labyrinthine pitch anytime soon.

Snowboarding at Ski Dubai

If you’re not much of a skiing enthusiast and would rather snowboard in the slopes, Ski Dubai has snowboarding facilities for you to enjoy too. Most snowboarders hate the idea of colliding with the skiers every now and then, and for them, there is an exquisite Freestyle Arena where you can snowboard with fellow snowboarders from across the world. Truly, Ski Dubai has every facility in place even to make the most whimsical snow-lovers whine with delight. People who’d like to learn snowboarding at Ski Dubai can do so at cost effective rates too, with experience snowboarders to coach you to perfection.

Snow Park for Your Kids to Play in

Prepared to play about in the snow? Would you like to make snow-mans and comfortably snuggle in make-shift igloos? Better still, would you like to enjoy a snow cavern ride with your kids? Or fantasize about the Flying Carpet that you see around you? You can do it all in the Snow Park that occupies almost 3000 square meters of area in Ski Dubai. Whether you’d like to sip hot mocha in the snow or have fun and frolic around with your kids, Snow Park is the best family entertainment center in Dubai, for obvious reasons. Moreover, it also bagged the coveted award for ‘Best Theme Park Entertainment Center’ in 2007.

Restaurants at Ski Dubai

Sipping hot drinks in the minus one degree temperatures at Ski Dubai is a wonderful experience, particularly for people from places that never see natural snow at all. The St. Moritz Café and the Avalanche Café adorn the milieu and are thronged by people eager for a dash of warmth in the super cool premises. With a seating capacity of more than 1500, you sure would never be left fighting for space in the crowded restaurant.

Efficient Services and a Pleasurable Retreat

Ski Dubai has rental shops with cashmere sweaters, sweat shirts, mufflers, Pashmina shawls, snow jackets, and myriad other clothing that you can rent depending on your budget. There are skiing equipment sets, snowboarding sets, and several other amenities provided here. You also have automatic quad-chairs to lift you off the skiing slopes when you’re done skiing and get you back to level land.

We won’t lie: Ski Dubai is super expensive! But, the experience that you get here is worth every penny you splurge so make sure you come here with lots in your wallet. For snow all year round that makes you crave for the noxious desert warmth, come to Ski Dubai and have a lovely time.

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