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Different people hire a car for different reasons/purposes but the whole idea is to ensure that their vacation goes pretty smooth. Hiring a car in any destination such as Uganda is amazingly the best way to have an in-depth exploration of its sites without any stress.

Being in a new destination first time comes with a high desire to explore everything on a single trip, but this is challenging. A destination like Uganda has plenty to see and experience from unique cultures, history, flora to distinct fauna. With this already at the back of your mind, a solution is required which is hiring a car.

Car hire is a great deal for traveling in Uganda or any destination in East Africa. Being your first time, we understand that there are numerous challenges travelers face but everything has eased with evolving technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS). This makes travel easier, especially on self-drive tours in Uganda or Rwanda.

Here are the 5 reasons to hire a car when traveling:

Rental car saves you a lot of time

Unlike using public transport, rental cars for road trips do save visitors a lot of time. You have plenty of time to spend exploring attractions/sites in the different parts of the country thus enriching your experience in the pearl of Africa. You can even branch off to visit the nearby sites and this freedom can’t be got if you opt for the bus. The beauty about traveling in a rental car in Uganda is that even if you get stuck somewhere, you can be rescued and where need be, a replacement car can be made thus guaranteeing you continuity of your road trip.

As the leading car rental service provider, we offer 24/7 road assistance to all our clients on road trips in Uganda/anywhere in East Africa. Therefore, if you want to exhaust everything about Uganda –the Pearl of Africa, consider hiring a car for all your travel needs.

Privacy guaranteed

Privacy is every traveler’s desire and you are guaranteed of it when you hire a car for your travel in Uganda. Visitors have their privacy whether they are sightseeing in Kampala city centre or driving up country to explore the finest wilderness areas such as Murchison Falls National Park, Semuliki National Park, Kibale National Park for chimpanzee trekking/tracking, etc.

As a family or group of similar travel desires, hiring a car and embarking on a road trip with it is even more fun. You have a good time interacting together, and sharing experiences while your driver keeps you active throughout your journey. Renting a car when traveling is perfect for couples on a vacation/honeymoon trip. Unlike public transport, car hire offers you the total privacy that every couple desires on a honeymoon holiday.


Rental cars have proven to be the safest mode of traveling around destinations compared to taking a bus. Unlike taxis/buses, drivers of rental cars have plenty of time to rest before taking on the next trip. We understand how business some towns are and that it requires sober mind. As your trusted car hire service provider, we offer rental cars with professional a driver which guarantees you safety and security on your road trip.


Hiring a car in Uganda offers guests the ultimate freedom to explore the different parts of Uganda. Visit the attraction of your choice, whenever you need, and drive at your own pace. In general, you will be the sole trip manager making your own decisions rather than waiting for the taxi/bus.

Save money!

When you think of traveling to a new destination, there is a lot to be put together that leads to a successful road trip. This involves spending money and one way to save on certain costs is by hiring a car in Uganda. Our rental cars come with insurance meaning you are saved from some unforeseen risks.

Thinking of traveling to Uganda for a road trip? Hire a car in Uganda with a local expert; enjoy the ultimate freedom to explore your favorite tourist sites without anyone pressuring you.

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