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Research published by Confused.com has shed some interesting light on the habits of UK motorists – with drivers in England’s primary tourist region admitting to getting up to more than just driving in their vehicles.

The popular car and travel insurance comparison website found that the UK is rife with auto-intimacy, with over 11 million motorists who have sex in their cars. Yet, amidst all the car-related sexy-time, the South West is statistically the most active region.

In a survey of 2000 respondents during May, almost half (47 percent) of drivers in the South West admitted to having sex in their vehicles, whilst the South East came in at a close second with 44 percent and Scotland third with 43 percent.

The survey also found that UK car-owners use their vehicles for more than just travel and romantic means. Nearly three quarters of drivers eat-out in their cars, whilst almost half admitted to sleeping.

However, the most worrying four-wheel pastimes are far less enjoyable – with 33 percent of those living in Wales saying they had suffered the negative experiences of having a fight or being dumped whilst behind the wheel. Presumably, after they had pulled over safely.

Will Thomas, head of car insurance at Confused.com, commented: “Our survey provides a rather detailed picture of what some of us Brits are getting up to in our cars. Getting changed through to having sex, are behind-the-wheel activities that could surprise many.”

The findings are certainly surprising. However, data concerning the ages and gender of those having sex in their cars is not particularly unexpected – with the most sexually active being between the 25 and 34, and men being the most eager to admit their saucy actions. Additionally, it does not seem too far-fetched to draw some correlation with in-car romance and the rural laid-back areas where it is most popular.

Yet, with all the humour attached to these recent findings, Thomas warns of such distractions becoming problematic. He continues: “there is a serious note to these findings which is the distraction element some drivers are exposing themselves to when multi tasking. It’s absolutely critical drivers focus their full attention on driving and the road around them. If a motorist is involved in an accident, whilst being distracted, they can face criminal charges, points and even prison.”

Survey conducted by Tick Box on behalf of Confused.com. Confused.com offer comparison services for products including annual travel insurance and other holiday insurance, as well as money products including credit cards and mortgages.

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