Wild Uganda

Have you thought about traveling to Africa and enjoying a lifetime safari into the wilderness? Traveling to Uganda and taking a safari into the national parks, can be the most enriching experience in one’s life. It not only acquaints you to the true side of Africa but is also an eye-opener and makes you realize how a small county is condensed with a lot of diverse and unique flora and fauna!

With 10 national parks, several game reserves, and sanctuaries,  a lot of opportunities await you within Uganda. You can go gorilla trekking within the impenetrable forests of Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park, marvel at the Source of the Nile, raft the Nile in Jinja, enjoy game viewing in the various savanna parks, track the endangered chimpanzees in Kibale Forest,  or go hiking within the Rwenzori Mountains.

Would you like to experience something different during your safari in Africa? Visit Uganda and see something different; the buzz in contemporary Uganda that resonates with growing and fortune, its people and various cultures, disorganized road traffic, the rich enlightening heritage, etc.

On a safari through Uganda, every part of the wilderness is dissimilar, every safari adventure is a unique experience, every crossing will earn you closer to a diverse population and make you value your life. Such is the mark of this nation-state we know as India.

They say  Traveling makes one, We say Travel In Uganda and you will not only get the rich national experience but also be wiser, with the infinite, and each consciousness so singular than any other you have dreamt of, Travel into the Pearl of Africa is just a changed road of life, you get hit when you experience it, there is no another way, it only comes to you when you want to be there.

Travel to Uganda and select from an array of experiences that you will not find elsewhere in Africa. Start your adventure with Kampala, where the new and old co-exist, with rich civilizing humanity heritage to new elaborate, the city surely provides a good tastefulness of kit to come. It is in this city that you will find the busy nightlife that provides you a window into the standard of living of not so easily come across during travels. They speak voluble English, dialogue with who’s who of the voters, jet set to irrelative, group into wee hours till they are dead they are all here, screaming the same missive. We have arrived it’s all in and coming together in the city of the Impalas!

Not very far from Kampala is Jinja the adventure capital of Uganda. With its rich artistic heritage, natural monuments including the Source of the Nile, you have a lot to enjoy in this town! You can raft the Nile till dusk, enjoy a jet boat ride along the Nile, jump on a quad bike, etc. If you have more time, take a nature walk in Mabira Forest Reserve, visit the Sezibwa Falls, etc.

Adventure is the business nigh in Uganda; it accommodates everyone, every low-priced, every hue and creed and sends you back in its own imprint. Such is the mark of the land we know as Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Much before you agree the question: But how do I do all this? Where can I go, How to book Hotels, How will I survive in Uganda? Do ancestors there speak English? How do I know I am getting a pronounced deal?

At Experience Africa Safaris you will be able to select the best of all safaris you can take in Uganda. Choose from popular gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris, or create your own traditional safari adventure. What is your style? Would you like to hop on a scheduled safari or you are looking for a self-drive safari? A lot of options are available to help you travel both within and outside Uganda. You can plan your trip, seek help, or just in the region of find no matter what that you need to know or hear from a trusted workmate for that much-awaited Trip to Africa.

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