Road Tripping with Kids

When we are traveling with kids, we are already expecting things to turn out quite stressful. There is a big possibility of having a boisterous and frantic flight, with you having to take care of both your kids and your luggage. If the flight is too long or the journey too taxing, complaints may pour in and parents always dread it when their child gets unhappy while traveling in the air and with other people milling about you.

There might be some key pointers you are missing out while you are with your kids on a flight. Although these do not promise that you would have well-behaved and obedient child/children with you, it can definitely lift some stress of you.

1. Have an Early Start

The first step is to get to the airport early but don’t be too early enough to bore the child. We all know that airport processing can be time consuming with all the security and checking in procedures so it is best to have a head start on it. You won’t be as able to make a last minute dash to your gate as you would without a child (or children) in tow. The extra time at the airport will give your child a chance to exercise (find an empty gate area or ask if there is an airport play area) in between the long car ride and the flights.

2. Check In Properly

If the line is long, the open spaces in the airport can be a good place to let the kids run a little while one parent waits in line to check the bags. Remember to stay close in case the gate agent needs to see each of the passengers or check ID. Just make sure you keep a keen watch on the child as the airport can, despite the heavy security within, can still be crowded and dangerous

3. Review the Essentials

Aside from the children’s things and necessary paraphernalia for the flight, make sure you have packed your itinerary in the right luggage. Nothing is worse than to struggle with the details and information while the kids are pestering with tantrums and complaints.

4. Know children policy on airports

Check with your airline in advance about baggage restrictions. On international flights, some airlines like that in Singapore, Beijing, China and Manila, Philippines will allow a lap infant to check baggage; other airlines exclude baby items like a car seat or stroller as part of the parents baggage allowance.

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