Snowdonia First Light

Overlooking England and Wales, the stunning mountain landscape of Snowdonia is a place of magic and enchantment. Everything about it leaves you in awe: its morning light, fresh water reflections, even the colors of its sand. Snowdonia’s spectacular scenery will capture your senses and leave you desperate for more, especially if you’re a photographer.

Whether you crave the challenge of ascending Snowdonia, the highest mountain in England and Wales, or prefer a leisurely walk along the coastline, you’re guaranteed breathtaking scenery and diverse landscapes. It has varied terrain from rugged mountain peaks, long sandy beaches to crystal clear lakes and rivers.

From snow-clad mountains to fresh carpets of greenery to shallow streams of glass springs, every detail will arrest your attention. It sounds like a cliché, but you really could set sail on a beautiful lake in the morning and find yourself on the side of a mountain by the afternoon. Snowdonia’s hills are ideal for morning walks shrouded in mist, causing you to wonder if you are dreaming. This place has its own unique character that nature lovers, hill climbers, holiday makers, day-trippers, mountain adventurers and photographers will appreciate.

Snowdonia Outflow

For photographers, capturing the land’s shadows and reflections is challenging and immensely rewarding. Illuminated in varying shades of blues, greens and oranges, this landscape will teach you things you never knew about nature photography. Every view emanates glory and diversity. When the sun rises above the calm waters, the surrounding mountains seem to glow as if they are filled with sunlight themselves. I was really impressed by the hues of water and ice in my photographs as they changed every few seconds. You will want to capture every change, every breeze, every light, every shadow, every reflection and every hill top.

Snowdonia Penmon Lighthouse

Penmon Lighthouse

Snowdonia The View

The Stack

A passionate, self taught photographer, Tomasz Janicki loves all types of photography ranging from landscape, portrait, reportage and architecture. In his photos, he tries to capture the world, people and events in subtle, natural light. He also tries to add a hint of authenticity and intrigue to his work to spark inspiration in his viewers.

In 2014, one of Janicki’s photos was shortlisted for the national competition, Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014. He won 3rd place in the worldwide Spectacular Landscape Competition. Recently, he won 1st place in the Digital Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards. Additionally, dozens of his photos were published on websites and in magazines such as, Daily Mail, Telegraph Online, Digital Photographer, Cameropixo Magazine, and more.

Visit his website to see more.

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