Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

There is no place in the world where one can enjoy a wildlife safari other than Africa. Africa has vast of unhampered natural environments with wonderful exotic animals, birds and flora.

Rwanda is one of the most popular countries in Africa that are endowed with natural biodiversity thus making one of the places to visit to experience a safari. Safari trips have become so popular in the world due to the fruits and enjoyment yielded out of them. These African safaris are educative, leisurely, relaxing, and explorative and make one discover new credible creatures in the world.

Come to Rwanda and experience the greatness of the safari. Rwanda has lots of attractions starting from its rich history, people, climates, architecture and to the natural resources. If we start explaining and giving details about all Rwanda’s attractions we are never going to stop, so we shall look at the main attractions that can make one yearn for a safari in Rwanda.

First and more most Rwanda has the mountain gorillas. These animals are Rwanda’s greatest tourism export. Mountain gorillas have made Rwanda one of the most visited countries in East Africa. Mountain gorillas are rare species of primates that are not easily found anywhere in the world in their natural setting apart from Rwanda, Uganda and DR.Congo.  Despite of being rare animals they are very special animals to watch as they have very intelligent social artistry, they display as they relate to each other. These animals have similar social behavior like that of man. They have 98% of human DNA and it is only through taking a Rwanda gorilla safari one can meet his/her closest cousins in the animal kingdom. These gorillas in Rwanda are found in the Virunga region in the north eastern part of Rwanda.

Rwanda also has some other exotic animals like the other primates like chimpanzees, L’hoest, rwenzori colombus monkeys, grey cheeked mangabey and these are found in Nyungwe forest national park which is the home of 13 different species of primates. This park also has beautiful butterflies, bird species and tree species. It also has a canopy walk where one can ably see the park and its beauties at the aerial of view of about 50 meters above the ground.

The other exotic animals are found in Akagera national park, this has 800 big mammals that include the giraffes, elephants, zebras, eland and the lion was recently introduced. The park has also a wonderful tourism program called “the behind scenes”. It is all about narrations of how the park was established, the efforts made to conserve and preserve it and also how the other animals that were not in the park introduced.

While taking a Rwanda safari one cannot forget the epitome city of Kigali, this is one of the cleanest cities in Africa with great historical and traditional sites like Rwanda genocide memorial, the parliament, Amahoro stadium, the hotel Rwanda where some people took refugee during the genocide and also the market place where the tourists  can buy craft commodities.

With the above attractions it is where one bases to organize his/her safari tour to experience the greatness. These safari tours are also organized by the local tour agencies in Rwanda at very competitive prices.

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