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Go Kayaking in Brazil

A little reminder on Brazil’s size: It’s the biggest country in South America, and the fifth-biggest in the world – just behind the United...

East to West Slow Down, Take the Train

There’s slow travel and then there’s slow travel with a view. The Sunset Limited (which sounds like it could be the title of a...
Rwanda Mountain Gorilla

Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda “the Land of a thousand Hills” is one of the three countries where gorilla trekking is conducted. Gorilla trekking is therefore the key...
Lake Bunyonyi

13 Adventure Activities You Must Not Miss in Uganda

Uganda has a lot of adventure activities to offer to its different types of clients. With its spectacular wildlife watching adventures, delightful natural beauty,...
Himalaya Mountain

Adventure Travel: Top 5 Must Do Trips

Ever since the man could walk, he traveled. At first, we traveled to escape harsh climate and find food, but as we evolved, we...
Rwenzori Central Circuit Trail

10 Amazing Trail Paths in the World

If you are an avid hiker who has grown weary of having to compete with a throng of tourists all eager to get past...
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Experience Epic Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

There is no place in the world where one can enjoy a wildlife safari other than Africa. Africa has vast of unhampered natural environments...
Dhaulagiri Range

Best 5 Adventure Trips for 2023

For years, adventure-travel outfitters have used so-called exploratory trips to work out kinks in new offerings. Veteran guides suss out routes, lodging options, and,...
Skiing in Atlas Mountains

Skiing in Africa’s Atlas Mountains – Morocco

When you have tried some of the resorts that Europe has to offer, you might want to consider those that can be found in...
Visit Dubai

6 Things to Do for Free in Dubai

We all know that Dubai is a very expensive destination. The main centre of the United Arab Emirates is the mecca of shopping, and...

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